Saturday, May 31, 2014

Outfit of the night: All black cropped.

To welcome the long weekend,
I chose a crop top and a skirt.
the mandals were just of convenience and added to my black statement.

it's gotten too hot to wear any more than this.

and these pics were taken around 2am last night
after a girls night out
which got me happily exhausted
so please excuse the quality 
: P

(P.S. we all know who the dude behind me is..)

I got this awesome cropped top from ForeverXXI
in both black and white.
(i'll show you how I wore my white one soon : D)

and one thing I wanted to point out is
I wouldn't suggest getting a really prestigious cropped tank
because they stretch out after awhile and don't fit as nice
and then you would have to get a new one.

Having to keep replacing them at a high price would NOT be something I'd wanna do.


crop tank in black by #ForeverXXI
black skater skirt by Top Shop
black patent mandals by Zara


Have an awesome long weekend, people!
and get outside, IT'S BEAUTIFUL out!! 



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Suddenly summer

When it feels like summer,
you have to dress like summer.

in just the right tone,
in just the right colours,
with just the right print
of just the right fruit.

My summer shorts are better than yours.

and they are not just plain old boring shorts.

They are made of length-appropriate flaps
or otherwise known as
slit-front shorts !

Super breezy, super comfortable, super awesome.

My horizontal SUN Cèline tote completes the look perfectly
with just enough room for nothing-much-needed : P

cuz what do you need to carry around when you are just chillaxing?

<Stanley, Hong Kong>

and Style.

Perfect weekend material.

The Essential Crew Tee in white by GAP

slit-front shorts by Aerie

horizontal tote in SUN by Cèline

classic Chuck Taylors by Converse All-Star

sunnies by Ray-Ban


Can't wait till next weekend.. !!
(This happens after every Sunday)



Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nothing but good vibes

a little more about my love for 

yellow the colour
pineapple the fruit
summer the season

in a bit.

check back soon!! 



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Introducing the 1-month old fiancé and fiancée

Taking a month to inform the VIPs of my life,
of our lives,
before publicizing this News of the Decade
was my idea of love and respect 
to those who love and respect us.

Over the course of this month since it happened that morning in Paris,
I've seen some of the happiest smiles
heard the loudest screams of delight 
felt the tightest hugs
recieved the most CAPS LOCKed messages
and most of all
realized the most important thing of anything I ever do at all..

and that is
no matter how happy something makes me
nothing makes me happier
than seeing the people around me being happy for me.

It truly is the best feeling ever.

Thank you friends and family for making me feel so so so loved
and being so so so happy for me, for us.

Your reactions were truly precious
and unforgettable.

Just being able to tell each and everyone of you in person
was a gift in itself.

And here's to the rest of the world:





We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.

I enjoy comfortable trends.
I pick them up as soon as I can
and fly with them.

How can you stay on the ground when you feel so comfortable?
: D


It's all about keeping the balance between comfort
and not looking like I just got up from the couch in my living room

The mandals just adds to the comfort
and my super mini classic was there to dress the casualness up a few notches.


T-shirt - a souvenir from Bangkok

baggy overall shorts by H&M 

all-black mandals by Zara

The perfect way to enjoy a chillaxing day outside of the city.



Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shoes are boring, wear sneakers.

No matter what day of the week it is,
always change into comfy shoes after work.

I was heading to our friend's birthday dinner last night,
so a skirt was totally appropriate.

but I was in my work Oxford's all day
(although all my shoes have no height, wearing proper shoes are still tiring..)
and I knew my feet wanted a break
so I put on a pair of classic Chuck Taylors to complete the look.


in my terms 
( :

(and no matter how hard I try to keep it down,
my hair always ends up in a bun by the end of the day..)


T-shirt by TNA aritzia in Toronto

Skirt by H&M Bangkok

Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers by Converse

I had a great time.

and I was comfortable.

< win / win >





Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Hot


i can't get over this red hot lip colour

<vernis a levres by YSL>
in no.32 rouge avant-gardiste

so rich.
so moist.
so glossy.
so irresistible.

goodnight, a Monday of stressful times..

trying to keep my head up
and lips red
to get through this time of year in style.




Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cozy Grey Maxi

One of my favourite purchases recently for chilly spring weather:

maxi grey sweater

grey maxi sweater by Monki
roshe run kicks by Nike


I've styled more outfits with it !
honestly goes with everything.

can't wear it enough.



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Even the weather

is romantic in Paris.

i took this.
i really did.

looks like one of those pictures that comes up
when you google "la tour Eiffel" or "Eiffel Tower"

but no,
i took it.


that is how beautiful she really is.

i knew you wouldn't believe me,
so i took a pic of our view outside of our little romantic balcony 
before i went out every day

it's funny, in Paris.

The day usually starts out pretty gloomy and cloudy,
but as the day goes on,
the sun crawls out
behind fluorescent white clouds on a bright blue canvas.

it's almost like Love.

True love is never just blue skies and sunshine

there are always times where haze becomes allies with clouds
and everything just seems unpredictable.

It is then that we use the senses we are so blessed to have
to feel our way through
to make sense of it all

and then when the skies clear up, 
we realize how much closer
how much more in love 
we have become.

It's just so amazing.