Friday, January 16, 2015

Off duty - "I stole my boyfriend's clothes" 公園阿伯篇

 ..and wore 2 pairs of pants.

True story.

Whenever I run out for errands after work,
I always revert to the most comfortable of things
(as if I don't go the comfortable way for work anyway..: P)

and the most comfortable of all is 
your boyfriend/fiance/hubby's clothes.


shoes: Adidas Stan Smith's, jacket: similar here, track pants: here

Maybe because I'm such a comfort seeker,
I find great comfort in wearing my boyfriend's clothes.

You should try it some time!
But only if your boyfriend is not too much larger than your own size
or it will be way too baggy to be cool.

Early weekend vibes.

Happy Friday babes.


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